EMW Roadmap

Note from new Owners AnarchyDave and TonyMontana

Since EMW changed hands mid-May 2022, we've been contacting as many players as we can and have asked you to fill out a short survey about your wishes for the game. We have been bowled over by the support both we and the game have received. We'd like to thank everybody who has put forth their views.

Priority #1 - Running the game fairly for all

Fair purchases

It's always been apparent that trusted games are better places to play. We want to re-assure everybody that under us, EMW will have no preferred prices, private discounts or free handouts. Everything that can be bought will be available and public for all players. Anything that we decide to hand out for free as competition prizes will be public.

Fair Credit policies

Of special importance is credit transparency. We are aware of the pitfalls of purchasing account credits but not using them. It can discourage people from challenging EORs if they think that other players have stacked accounts. In light of this, we commit to making public the bought + won credit amounts and last online dates of the top 10 credit holders. Usernames won't be shown, but the online date will.

Open Communication

We value open communications between players and administrators. You should feel free to air any concerns to administrators without fear of retribution. You can contact either of us on skype: AnarchyDave - TonyMontana at any time. We are more than happy to hear suggestions and feedback on what you want to see in the game.

The burning question. To reset or not to reset?

People have been asking us this since before we took over. We decided for a game with EMW's history, it would be improper for us to decide. The survey response would decide. We can announce that 65% (13 / 20) of respondents said that Account credits should be reset and game to restart at round 1.

Account credits will be reset on 9th July 2022, please use them so you don't lose them.

What about medals?

Some people have spent more than 15 years building up their medal collections and rounds played. We pledge that we won't take away those medals. Some players have asked for new medals and that's something we will look into. If we do decide to add a new medal set, we will provide an option for you to display which medals you want. "Rounds Played" counts and profile displays will NOT be reset. Those will continue adding from their current totals.


You voted overwhelmingly to make the subscription discounts permanent, and we will do so. Several players have mentioned that the subscription info is kind of scattered, so we will clean that up and make sure it's clear exactly what you're buying, what you get and terms of the purchase. We will also look into suggestions that there should be 2 subscription options instead of 4. We want to provide the best value for money. The top subscription will stay the same, and we will look for middle ground on the other 3 lses popular subs to provide a great 2nd option.

Player Involvement

It's important to us that EMW is run for the benefit of players and providing a fun and exciting game. We will make some updates to improve the player suggestions options, including the possibility of winning a free sub if something you suggest is approved and used in the game. We will use the suggestions feature as a channel to consult you before we make any big changes in future.


One of the most common suggestions to keep the same about EMW was the % of purchases that goes to the jackpot. We will keep the jackpot profiles at 60%. We feel this enables the most exciting challenges at EOR and is an alluring % to the jackpot. Some games run an "everybody but the owner loses" system, but we like that the winner can actually profit when a round is challenged here.

Purchase Options

Another popular suggestion was to add in more reserve / special packs to the rounds. This has the benefit (if balanced well) of mitigating the effect of account stacking. It's something we are keen to explore, and we would welcome feedback about the types of packs you want to see. Early discussions have indicated some support for early-round killer-focused packs to spice up the beginnings of rounds. Let us know what you think!