FAQ #1 - Why can't I Login?

Possible reasons include:
  1. Your Account Has Been Banned -- Contact administration at admin@extrememobwars.com or support@extrememobwars.com
  2. You are using an invalid login and password combination. Click here to reset your password
  3. You are using defective software published by Micro$oft. Click here to download the superior Browser!
  4. You have not registered for an account. Click Here to SIGN UP for an EMW account!

*See number 19 for further help

FAQ #2 - I love playing this game, how can I get on staff?

Send a message to the admins stating why you should be on staff. However, sending a message does not improve your chances of getting on staff. Best way to get on staff is to play the game, and do the best you can. Admins are looking for staff that know how to play the game inside and out.

FAQ #3 - Do the staff play this game as well?

Moderators, Helpers, Interviewers, and Graphic Designers are allowed to have two accounts, one account for staff, and one for playing. Admins do not play, as this would pose as a disadvantage for everyone else.

FAQ #4 - Can I have two accounts?

Simple answer, NO! Only exception is if you are on staff (Moderators, Interviewers, Graphic DesignerS, and Helpers only; Admins do not play). Anyone found of having more than one account will be banned. Repeatedly make multiple accounts and your IP will be banned.

FAQ #5 - This game looks like many others. What makes it different?

We at EMW, only offer the best to our players. Plus we are always working on getting the newest and latest stuff. Recent upgrades include tiered prizes, subscriber ranks, Family Don Options, Mini Rounds. Future upgrades include...

Also, we are one of the most secure games out there. With several recent upgrades in security that are not noticeable to players, there is no reason to worry about someone getting into your account, unless you give them your login info.

FAQ #6 - My friend was banned or can't load the site. What gives?

While we get that you want to help your friend as much as possible, we are unable to discuss people's accounts to other people.

Your friend can contact any of the admins via email.

FAQ #7 - I'm new to this game, and don't know what to do? Who can I ask for help?

We have a staff member devoted specially to new players, His name is noobgod. Feel free to message him, whether he is online or not. He will answer your question as soon as he gets online (and gets around to your question).

FAQ #8 - I see some people have youtube or similar type videos on their profiles.

How do I get one to play on my profile

ORIGINAL YOUTUBE LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyJu6XnpElM
RESULTING LINK) http://www.youtube.com/vAyJu6XnpElM.swf

Step 1) delete watch?

Step 2) replace = with /
Step 3) Post on your profile

Result: http://www.youtube.com/v/AyJu6XnpElM

FAQ #9 - I love the mini rounds you guys have, can I ask for more?

While we appreciate that you enjoy our mini-rounds, we are trying to restrict the amount that we hold. Partially because we are in the process of adding something in to make them even more enjoyable.

Also, we don't want to distract from the main round by overwhelming it with too many mini rounds that everyone just plays the minis, and not the regular rounds.

FAQ #10 - What do each of the levels mean? And where do I rank in them?

Here are what each of the levels are based on... Look what each means and see where your account falls this round, it also shows on the family page and on your profile:

  • Sub Level = You have a sub, with no added credits
  • Level One - No added credits, no sub
  • Level Two - 1-39,999 added credits with/without a sub
  • Level Three - 40,000-99,999 credits added in with/without a sub
  • Level Four - 100,000+ Credits added, with/without a sub

FAQ #11 - How do I put up my own media/profile picture?

you need to either find one on the web, or find a web site that will host pictures and upload it to there. once you have found a picture, click on my profile and then click on Click here to edit your profile media, description. and paste/type the web location of the media in the box labeled Change Media

FAQ #12 - What is a NAP?

A NAP (No Attack Pact) is an agreement between two families or unions not to attack each other.

FAQ #13 - What is an Ally?

An Ally is an agreement between two families (or unions) to not attack each other, and if the other is attacked, to fight with their ally.

Similar to a blood alliance, but not as strong.

FAQ #14 - What is a Blood ally?

A Blood Ally is similar to a regular ally, but the two families (or unions) have a stronger connection. Sometimes when an ally is attacked, their allies are allies with the attacking family (or unions), and will not help their allies.

Blood alliances are held over normal alliances and no matter who it is that is attacking a blood ally, they will help their blood ally. (Very much like an extension family in a union)

FAQ #15 - What happens in the event cash has to be backed out of the game?

If player A is being reset transfers sent out is where you start.

Player A sent 1 billion to 4 players. (bankers) banker b,c,d,e

It stops there. We dont care who they sent out to and will not track it down past them if we dont have to. If they have the initial cash that was sent to them we take it back from them. If they only have some of it. Then we take that and remainder comes out of the first person they sent to after they received that transfer. etc etc..

FAQ #16 - How do the attacks work for Top of the Hour ( TOH ) and maxing?

At top of the hour if you are above the max attacks in then you will be brought 2 attacks under the max allowed in. While there is an attack in max this can be gone over with revenge attacks. When maxing someones attacks in make sure they are maxed. This in some situations can be a problem when someone hits the same person at the same exact second. Its not uncommon however happens. So be quick.

FAQ #17 - What happens if a staff member abuses their powers?

If this happens, and we certainly hope that it won't, they will be permanently banned from our site.

FAQ #18 - Do subscribers receive higher starting reserves?

What are they?

Yes, subscribers receive higher starting reserves.
Bronze Subs  7,000 starting reserves
Silver Subs 10,000 starting reserves
Gold Subs 13,000 starting reserves
Ultra Subs 25,000 starting reserves

FAQ #19 - Problems Logging into the site?

1. Clear your cookies, and cache on your browser. Then try to login.

2. The URL your using to access the site try going to it with the www. and without the www

Still having issues please place in a ticket on our support area of our site. Please run a tracroute and post the results when submitting a ticket. To do so you
Go to start
Click On run
type in: tracert extrememobwars.com
Copy details and post them in the ticket.

This will help determine the problem.

FAQ #20 - What is considered spamming?

By definition, spamming " a disruptive, esp. commercial message posted on a computer network or sent as e-mail."

Staff will ban an account if any one of the following infractions occur:
  • A direct link to a website is posted (whether its another game, or just a business)
  • You send multiple messages to players asking for their MSN/Yahoo/Other IM info, with the intent of having them sign up for another site
  • You place a picture on your profile with the name, or URL of another site.
  • You sign into the round with a name of another game.?

  • FAQ #21 - If I was banned and created a new account and play by the rules, Do I get back credits and everything from my account that was banned?

    No. You were banned for breaking the rules. Please do not say..I did not know. You did not know because you did not take the time to read them. You are lucky you are allowed to be back in the game!